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Welcome to Podworld

Don't know what podcast to listen to next? You're in the right place. Podworld is a podcast that recommends the shows you should listen to next. If you are a massive fan of podcasts on the look out for a new show, or are simply brand new to podcasts and don't know where to start... this show is for you.

Podworld is a podcast dedicated to finding, celebrating and recommending the best podcasts across all of the categories and genres. So far, in our first series we have episodes covering the following types of podcast recommendations: we have recommendations for history podcasts, the best comedy podcasts, true crime podcasts and TV & Film podcasts. 

We are working on our next few episodes and will offer up more podcast recommendations about nature and wildlife, as well as the best food podcasts and politics, books, fiction, sports and so many more. 

On top of our regular podcast recommendation show, we have shorter bonus episodes called My Favourite Podcast, in which we chat with an author, musician or content creator about their relationship with podcasts and ask them about their all-time favourite podcast. It's a very personal podcast recommendation and might help you discover a brand new show that you would otherwise have never found.

We know it is our job to recommend podcasts to you, but, if you have a podcast recommendation you want to share with Louise and DMR, please head over to our Contact page and send it in. They may even read it out on the show!

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