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A chat with Edie Lush about the GlobalGoalsCast

Here's a special treat for you! In our last episode (on podcasts that make the world a better place) we talked to Edie Lush about her podcast the GlobalGoalsCast. Unfortunately, we did have to edit the interview to fit into the regular show. But Edie had so many good stories to tell we decided to give you the full interview in this bonus episode. Enjoy!

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-- episode notes --

Edie is a the executive producer and co-host of GlobalGoalsCast. Global GoalsCast is a podcast that inspires and empowers listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories individuals, companies, and organisations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world.

You can follow Edie on Twitter and Insta (@edielush) or keep up to date on the podcast again on Twitter and Insta (@globalgoalscast).

During the interview, Edie recommends the following podcasts: The Daily (The New York Times); RadioLab (WNYC Studios), EarHustle (Ear Hustle & Radiotopia); Reply All (Gimlet).

Credits: This episode of Podworld was produced and edited by Louise Blain (@shiny_demon) and David Maher Roberts (@dmrpod). Graphics by Dylan Channon. Research by Ella Maher Roberts. Theme music by Dan Phillipson (via Premiumbeat) additional music via Podworld is supported by Dialect - a full-service, digital marketing agency that engages tech and gaming audience for global brands.

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