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  • David Maher Roberts

Introducing Podworld

Welcome to Podworld, podcast fans! Podworld is a podcast with a simple mission: to help you discover brilliant podcasts. With over 2 million podcast shows out there and well over 40 million individual episodes, the world of podcasts has simply become overwhelming. Yet, more and more of our fellow humans are getting into to podcasts, and Podworld was designed to help. Here's a trailer explaining it all.

Every episode, Louise Blain and I (who you will hear referred to as 'DMR') will go deep into a specific genre or theme and we will pick out 4 podcast to recommend. We will also have a chat with a host or creator of a podcast from the featured genre and then we will end the show with a few more recommendations (of the shows that came very close to being in the top 4 and therefore deserve a shout out) and then sprinkle some listener recommendations on top. "Like bacon bits on a salad," which is what Louise would say if she was writing this.

If you want to find out more about us, head over to our About page. And if you would like to share your podcast recommendations with us or just send us some feedback, please do so on our Contact Us page.

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