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  • David Maher Roberts

My Favourite Podcast with Jo Roueiheb

We have a chat with filmmaker, writer and actor Jo Roueiheb about her relationship with podcasts and ask about her favourite podcasts. This is a very personal route to getting a podcast recommendation... a great way to discover a show you may not have found otherwise.

--- episode notes ---

Here’s some additional info on our guest and his all time fave podcast.

Jo Roueiheb is an award-winning filmmaker. She has a pilot show called I Adore Dolores (watch it on YouTube). Jo is also is the co-host of the Going There podcast with Matt Pallotta and LeJon Woods - where they discuss taboo subjects.

Jo's favourite podcasts are What's This Tao all About (Tod Perry) and The Need to Fail with Don Fanelli (Forever Dog).

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