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  • David Maher Roberts

Podcast recommendations for lovers of History

Episode 2 is here! History is one of the richest categories in terms of podcasts. Louise and DMR go digging for the History shows you should be listening to and they are joined by Ellie Cawthorne, the host of The History Extra podcast, from the makers of BBC History Magazine.

--- episode notes ---

Here’s a list of all the podcasts that we recommend and talk about in this episode (in order of when we mention them):

Part 1 (Podworld’s top 4): You’re Dead to Me (BBC Radio 4, presented by Greg Jenner); The Memory Palace (Nate DiMeo); Making Gay History (Eric Marcus); Flex’s Semi Factual History Lessons (Spotify Studios, presented by Flex Mami)

Part 2 (guest interview): Our special guest for the History episode is Ellie Cawthorne from the History Extra Podcast (from the makers of BBC History Magazine). Ellie recommends the following podcasts: the Tunnel 29 mini series from the Intrigue podcast (BBC Radio 4, presented by Helena Merriman), 13 Minutes to the Moon (BBC World Service), Stuff You Should Know (iHeartRadio) and You’re Wrong About (Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall).

Part 3 (extras): Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities (iHeartRadio and Grim & Mild); Our Fake History (PodcasOne); Gastropod (Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley); Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (Dan Carlin); Someone Know Something (CBC Podcasts); Criminal (Criminal & Radiotopia, presented by Phoebe Judge); You Must Remember This (Karina Longworth); You Must Remember Manson (Karina Longworth); Lore (Aaron Mahnke and Grim & Wild)

Listener recommendations: Sidedoor (Smithsonian Institute); A History of the World in 100 Objects (BBC Radio 4)

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