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  • David Maher Roberts

Podcast recommendations to connect you with nature

Craving nature after months of lockdown? Join Louise and DMR as they celebrate the podcasts that connect us to the natural world. We also meet and chat with ecologist, documentary filmmaker and podcast host, Chris Morgan. What a top bloke! And we finish off the episode with a load of extra podcast recommendations we found during our search plus we add some listener recommendations to top it all off.

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--- episode notes ---

Here’s a list of all the podcasts that we recommend and talk about in this episode (in order of when we mention them):

Part 1 (Podworld’s top 4 nature podcasts):

Stubborn Light of Things (Melissa Harrison); Ologies with Alie Ward (Alie Ward); 39 Ways to Save the Planet (BBC Radio 4); BBC Earth Podcast (BBC Earth)

Part 2 (guest interview):

For this episode, our guest is Chris Morgan. Chris is an ecologist, a documentary filmmaker and he is also the host of The Wild with Chris Morgan podcast (a co-production with KUOW in Seattle) and you can follow him on Twitter (@MorganWildlife) or keep up to date on the podcast via the podcast website.

During the interview, Chris recommends the BBC Earth Podcast and Tooth and Claw (by Tooth and Claw).

Part 3 (extras):

BBC Countryfile Magazine (Immediate Media); National Trust Podcast (National Trust); Scotland Outdoors (BBC Radio Scotland); Overheard at National Geographic (National Geographic); Outside In (New Hampshire Public Radio); Origin stories (The Leakey Foundation); Call of the Wild (WWF); The Atlas Obscura (Witness Docs & Atlas Obscura)

Listener recommendations:

One of the Family (Nicky Campbell); Speak up for Blue (Andrew Lewin)

Credits: This episode of Podworld was produced and edited by Louise Blain (@shiny_demon) and David Maher Roberts (@dmrpod). Graphics by Dylan Channon. Research by Ella Maher Roberts. Theme music by Dan Phillipson (via Premiumbeat). Podworld is supported by Dialect - a full-service digital marketing agency for tech and gaming brands from around the world.

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