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  • David Maher Roberts

Podcasts for tech lovers

Finally the tech episode is here! Join Lou (whose day job is as a tech journalist) and DMR (who in his earlier years was part responsible for launching a bunch of tech brands like GamesRadar, TechRadar and as they pick out the tech podcasts you should be listening to. And if that's not enough, Lou has a chat with Marcus Bronzy the host and producer of How To Kill An Hour, and we finish off the episode with podcast recommendations from you, our beautiful listeners!

Follow us on Twitter and Insta (@podpodworld) and send us feedback or any suggestions on what genres we should be covering next! Also, record your recommendations and send them to us as voice notes and we might include them in a future episode!

--- episode notes ---

Here’s a list of all the podcasts that we recommend and talk about in this episode (in order of when we mention them):

Intro (the podcasts we mention right at the start):

Naked Gaming (Chris Berrow); Monkey Island Discs with Louise Blain (Chris Berrow); The Vergecast (The Verge); Deep Questions with Cal Newport (Cal Newport); Marketplace Tech (Marketplace); Conning The Con (Sarah Ferris & Emma Ferris).

Part 1 (Podworld’s top 4 tech podcasts):

Your Undivided Attention (Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin); Rocket (Relay FM); This Week In Tech / TWiT (TWiT); Darknet Diaries (Jack Rhysider).

Part 2 (guest interview):

For this episode, our guest is Marcus Bronzy, the host of How To Kill An Hour. During the interview, Marcus recommends Reply All (Gimlet) and Last Podcast On The Left (The Last Podcast Network).

You can follow Marcus on Twitter and Insta (@MarcusBronzy) or keep up to date with his show also on Twitter and Insta (@howtokillanhour).

Listener recommendations:

Land of the Giants (Recode); My First Million (The Hustle & Shaan Puri).

Credits: This episode of Podworld was produced and edited by Louise Blain (@shiny_demon) and David Maher Roberts (@dmrpod). Graphics by Dylan Channon. Research by Ella Maher Roberts. Theme music by Dan Phillipson (via Premiumbeat) additional music via Podworld is supported by Dialect - a full-service, digital marketing agency that engages tech and gaming audience for global brands.

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