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  • David Maher Roberts

Podcasts that help us better understand people

We are all people (obviously), but do we really understand what makes us happy, sad, frustrated and fulfilled? Louise and DMR unearth and recommend some of the best podcasts that help us better understand people. They also have a chat with special guest Matt Pallotta, the producer and one of the co-hosts of the Going There Podcast, and we finish off the episode with podcast recommendations from you, our beautiful listeners!

Follow us on Twitter and Insta (@podpodworld) and send us feedback or any suggestions on what genres we should be covering next! Also, record your recommendations and send them to us as voice notes and we might include them in a future episode!

--- episode notes ---

Here’s a list of all the podcasts that we recommend and talk about in this episode (in order of when we mention them):

Intro (the podcasts we mention right at the start):

Confronting Columbine (GLASS | Wondery); Ext Scam (Treats Media); Darknet Diaries (Jack Rhysider); The Blind Boy Podcast (Blindboyboatclub); Sudhir Breaks the Internet (Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher); Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard - the Prince Harry episode (Armchair Umbrella), Deeply Human (iHeartRadio/BBC/APM).

Part 1 (Podworld’s top 4 tech podcasts):

Where Should We Begin (Esther Perel Global Media & Gimlet); Getting Emotional (Bex Lindsay); Ian Wright's Every Day People (Somethin' Else); The Griefcast (Cariad Lloyd).

Part 2 (guest interview):

For this episode, our guest is Matt Pallotta, the host of the Going There Podcast (Frame One Media) where they put taboo topics on the table.

You can follow the Going There Podcast on their Facebook page.

Listener recommendations:

Outlook (BBC World Service); Binchtopia (Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb).

If you want to have your recommendation feature on the show, just record a voicenote on your phone (try to keep it to 30 seconds) and send it to us >>

Credits: This episode of Podworld was produced and edited by Louise Blain (@shiny_demon) and David Maher Roberts (@dmrpod). Graphics by Dylan Channon. Research by Ella Maher Roberts. Theme music by Dan Phillipson (via Premiumbeat) additional music via Podworld is supported by Dialect - a full-service, digital marketing agency that engages tech and gaming audience for global brands.

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